Strep(ped) again

My family has a horrible record with strep throat since we have moved back down south. Right now, out of five people, three have it, and I am pretty sure tomorrow is going to bring the count up to four. Strep, according to the Mayo Clinic website, is most prevalent in fall and spring. Ok, it is fall and here we are.

I am not going to lie and say we are the cleanest family on the block, but I really want to know

Why is it so hard for schools to make time to have kids wash their hands?

  • Upon Arrival
  • Before Lunch
  • After Recess
  • Before Dismissal

and my favorite, after the bathroom breaks!  Let’s hear it for some old-fashioned soap and water.

Teachers and administrators want smartboards, iPads, laptops at every desk.  Hey, if the kids aren’t there because of illness – the fancy stuff doesn’t matter.  What I would like to see in schools?  More sinks.