Hot Toys Christmas 2012 – Kmart Style

Two wonderful things happened as I went to take the garbage out tonight.  First, the awesome sight of two does in my yard.  Deers are so lovely and graceful.  Then waiting in my mailbox to join the ToyRUs Christmas 2011 catalog….the Kmart Toybook.  None of these are as wonderful as the hours I spent browsing the Sears and JC Penneys catalogues, but time does march on.

<Drum Roll Please>

The Hottest Toys I Predict So Far

  • Sesame Street Neighborhood Playset – cause these are reminiscent of the “little people” Sesame Street Playhouse from the 1970s.
  • Leappad Explorer Learning Tablet with Built-in Camera – so the kids will quit whining for an iPad or using yours.
  • Imaginext Bat Cave – my nephew got one and it is sturdy, full of features and can be used by kids from 3-10.  Actually I caught my Brother-in-law playing with it.
  • Matchbox Squid Sub – gross squid attacks sub – sounds like hours of gross play
  • Baby Alive Baby All Gone kids already like pretend feeding dolls and now you can really do it.  Wonder if it comes with lots of diapers?
  • Monster High Dolls Grossly goth and even more provocative than Bratz.
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset and Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls  My daughters love them and so has everyone we have ever given them as a birthday gift.
  • Disney’s Light Up Hair Rapunzel just because most of the Barbie brand dolls I have seen haven’t been exciting.and the movie is empowering for girls.
  • Bikes, Scooters, Basket ball Backboards and Balls.  Kick those kids out for some playtime.

My other favorites are books, journals, art supplies, and science kits.  My daughter got a personalized pillowcase with her name on it, and she loves it.

I am not making any gaming recommends yet.